Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back in action...

For now anyway...

Lots of posts today.

Sometimes life is what it is I suppose. I haven't been all that interested in caps recently. Maybe it's because I've been interested in the real thing.

I'll be honest, many of these past few months I have not been able to stop thinking about the kinds of things I put in my posts. I've really badly wanted to be the girl in them. It's a little intense really. Thinking about being the recipient of the kind of hardcore action that I write about has left me sometimes depressed (despite being terribly aroused and hungry for a mouthful of...nevermind.) Not that the content is too much but because fantasy is just that, fantasy. There is really no way that my darkest fantasies could be reality, at least not in the foreseeable future so I've ignored some of them. If only it were as easy as taking a drug to change.

So on that note...I've upped a new series. 12 Panels in 3 parts that's about a drug induced change. There are also a couple of older caps from before I had a place for them and before my aesthetic as Jasmine was finalized. They are a little compromised from their original appearance since I edited out the original name tag image.

I hope you like all of it. Thanks for waiting.


smitty said...

Glad to see you are back. I would have mentioned this sooner, but I didn't want to burden you if you weren't still reading caps. I did a series inspired by your style, starring you of course. It's become my most popular post on my blog ever.So thanks for the inspiration. If you like it, check out my other "very willing" tagged caps as I'll be adding them from time to time.

Sissy Princess said...

I completely get those thoughts, Jasmine . . . I think they've taken us all away from things at one time or another.

I'm just glad I discovered you on your return, rather than during your absence. :)

Tommi said...

oh yes indeed - but we always seem to come back don't we!
and i'm glad you did, Jasmine - wonderful work!